Surveillance system and intrusion detection

FortiSIEM technology and Microsoft Azure Sentinel

Cybersecurity: a vast perimeter to defend, played on multiple chessboards.

To always be ahead of IT threats, we constantly monitor event logs and the performance of your IT infrastructure. Our SOC (Security Operation Center) classifies these events, analyzes them, and initiates remediation processes according to the level of priority.
Our solution adapts and connects to most technologies on the market to ensure the collection of maximum information and the protection of all your assets.
The collectors are installed in your systems, collect the information, and send it to our SIEM which then takes care of the analysis, correlation, and alerts.

What does SIEM mean?

It is an acronym of the English expression “Security Information & Event management” whose French version is GIES (Gestion des Informations et des Evénements de Sécurité), an artificial intelligence (AI) system using predefined rules or statistical correlation to determine whether there are links between different event logs to detect unusual or potentially dangerous network activities.


As an organization, you should be able to continue to be at your best today and build your future with peace of mind. We take care of the cyber threat and its harmful consequences for the conduct of your business.

The strength of our service

Whether it is our internal algorithms developed to investigate the Dark Web or those carefully selected by our partners, cyber intelligence remains at the heart of our cyber security practice.

The strength of our team

Our extended in-house team is made up of over 50 top experts who globally support multiple technologies and hold multiple certifications.


IT threat detection service
Incident Response
Monitoring suspicious activity on workstations, servers, and network equipment
Compliance reports
Monitoring your information on the Dark Web continuously
Monthly meeting with a security expert

SIEM Managed Security Service

Comparison of managed SOC / SIEM services

Service Description Base Advanced
Security event management Management and monitoring of security events
Monthly report Monthly report and dashboard that summarizes events by category
Incident management Setting up the right playbooks for your business to handle incidents
8/5 Alerts 8/5 communication of High Category Alerts
24/7 Alerts 24/7 communication of High Category Alerts
Multi-Manufacturers Collector Our solution connects to the majority of technologies on the market
Event archiving Archive of medium- and long-term events
Multi-level alerts Multi-level alerts on data movements, atypical behaviors, deviations, and geolocation
AI analysis Use of machine learning to continuously improve responsiveness to the different identified behaviours
Integration API SIEM has a REST API that allows any external system to integrate into the CMDB, make event queries and send alerts
Automation of actions The majority of actions can be automated through use cases and scripts
Monthly Vulnerability Report and Meeting A report and a meeting with a cybersecurity expert to discuss identified events and recommendations
Quarterly Report and Vulnerability Meeting A report and a meeting with a cybersecurity expert to discuss identified events and recommendations
Dark Web monitoring Continuous monitoring of your credentials (passwords) on the Dark Web

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