Corporate profile

An ISO27001:2013 certified company that serves and protects your organization.

MicroSecure, the cyber security department of Équipe Microfix, offers various computer security services as well as a 24/7 system monitoring service “SOC.” After more than 250 computer recovery interventions, Micro Secure has built up an in-depth expertise in cyber security.

Our clients

Our typical clients are mid-sized businesses in the banking, manufacturing, distribution, service delivery, municipal and organization sectors.

Our team

The members of our technical team have significant experience in their specific field, as well as several certifications to keep their knowledge always up to date.

Our employees of the cyber security department

All of our employees of the cyber security department are enthusiasts and have significant experience in monitoring and investigating security events. Our multidisciplinary team is made up of three levels of analysts, system and network administrators, cyber security experts, and project managers.

Our continuous training

Continuous training is a way of life for Équipe Microfix: our employees are regularly trained on new computer attack techniques in order to offer our customers the most recent and best suited solutions to the latest “hacker” strategies.

Don’t wait for a cyberattack to target you!

Cyber hackers won’t wait, contact us to protect you before it’s too late.