EDR latest generation antivirus

What is an EDR?

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) refers to an emerging software technology for detecting threats on computing devices (computers, servers, tablets, connected objects, etc.). This term was first used in July 2013 by Anton Chuvakin from Gartner.

What devices and equipments can use an EDR?

While we usually think first of our standard computers, such as laptops and desktop computers, in the modern organization, cell phones, tablets, heart rate monitors, and security cameras can also be included in the category.

Artificial intelligence at the service of EDR technology

Unlike older technologies, modern EDR technology incorporates artificial intelligence and robust detection algorithms to even detect new attacks and malware based on behavior alone. Finally, the response aspect within EDR reveals that this security solution actively responds to internal and external threats before they can infect a network.

Effective detection in real time

An EDR solution continuously analyzes behavior on the endpoint and can act immediately on known and recognized threats to isolate a device and prevent further network infection.
EDRs also send alerts and technical data for further analysis so that early indications of malicious activity can be used by security professionals to analyze the health and activity of the organization. EDRs can also allow security professionals to remotely access and directly remediate endpoints.

Don’t wait for a cyberattack to target you!

Hackers won’t wait, contact us to protect you before it’s too late.

Why have an EDR?

Protect your business with the next-generation EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) antivirus. Traditional antiviruses that work by detecting signature are no longer able to effectively counter the most recent attacks. In addition to traditional antivirus signatures, EDRs analyze behavior through to artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. A “zero-day” attack (still unknown to date) will therefore be detected by the EDR software which, very responsive, will react to the unusual behavior about this new virus.

EDR proactively predicts risks by observing system vulnerabilities, prevents in real time with its signature database, and detects abnormal behaviors once the infection is launched in order to block the attack. Équipe Microfix also offers an incident response and remediation service.

EDR protection against:

Zero-day attacks
Hacking by a human
Harmful software
Advanced persistent threats

Additional services:

White label service
Support for the implementation
Agent deployment
Implementation of “playbooks”
8/5 and 24/7 monitoring
Call escalation
Remediation service