Cybersecurity report

It is essential that you can be confident in the security of your technological infrastructures, both in terms of access to systems and data protection.

To get a clear and accurate picture of the security of the current environment, a verification that the technological infrastructure complies with the cybersecurity controls “CIS Critical Security Controls V8” will lay the foundations necessary for the presentation of a report.
Subsequently, the audit will identify the risks and weaknesses of the entire infrastructure while offering recommendations to the company to ensure continuity of operations and data security.

Cybersecurity audit

The security audit consists of auditing all the IT security practices and strategies used by the client. The information is analyzed and a report including the risks and recommendations is produced for each point analyzed. Assessments and recommendations are based on best practices and client context.


Review all “CIS Critical Security Controls Version 8” controls and validation that they are well implemented;

Run a scan for internal and external vulnerabilities;
Evaluate the practices and procedures in place;
Check the presence of information on the dark web;
Evaluate the implementation of controls in order to prepare the report;
Preparation and presentation of the final report.
Team Microfix makes every effort to provide its customers with complete and accurate reports. A quality management process is strictly adhered to and all reports are reviewed by technical staff to validate their content.

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