Support and implementation to comply to Bill 64

projet de loi 64

In context of the project of Bill 64

Data and your business

Your company probably works with, processes and stores hundreds, even thousands of pieces of data every day. With the evolution of technologies, the use of data is at the heart of your processes, especially with the management of your sales and your customers.

Respect for privacy at the center of debates in society

In order to avoid abuses and slippages, government authorities are gradually introducing new measures to oversee the good management of this data in order to respect, among other things, the privacy of citizens.

What is the Bill 64?

Bill 64 or soon Bill 25 modernizes the Personal Information Protection Act which will apply to private companies and public organizations in Quebec. In summary, this bill impacts your business at different levels:

Introduction of rules concerning the handling of incidents affecting the confidentiality of personal information.
Obligation of companies to publish rules governing the personal information.

Obligation to publish and display a privacy policy (for organizations that collect information through technological means).

Requirements to assess privacy factors (under certain circumstances).

All incidents must be reported to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada!

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Failure to comply with the Bill 64 can have serious consequences for your business.

It could be very costly not to comply with Bill 64! Indeed, we are talking about administrative penalties of up to $10M or up to 2% of your company’s revenue (the higher of the two amounts). In addition, fines in the event of criminal proceedings of around $25M or 4% of revenue are on the table.

Beyond the Bill; CyberSecure standards

In Canada, there is a cyber security certification program for companies with fewer than 500 employees; CyberSecure

This program allows you to:

N Limit your risk of incidents
N Gives you a competitive advantage over your competitors
N Reassure your customers and partners about the protection of their data
N Make it easier to obtain cyber risk insurance and reduce the cost of the premium

Get certified to better protect yourself

In your Bill 64 compliance efforts, cybersecurity certification helps your business work upstream to prevent instead of cure! In short, certification will minimize the risk of incidents, attacks and ultimately sanctions in the event of theft of your data!

CyberSecure support

We offer a complete support service to help you obtain CyberSecure certification hassle-free. To find out more, visit our page explaining this service; CyberSecure support.

Support for the implementation of compliance with the Bill 64

In the end, the question is not whether such a Bill will be adopted in Quebec, but rather when it is applied. To do this, your business must prepare now.

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At MicroSecure, our expertise in cyber security allows us to offer our customers a complete support service to implement your compliance with the Bill 64 or any other government regulation relating to data security and cyber security. You will benefit from personalized support based on your processes in place, which will cover all the criteria required by the authorities.
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